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StarLink was founded in July, 1996, by a group of people who wanted a friendly, comfortable and safe place to meet and chat. For some, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) may seem like an intimidating jungle, but it is really a delightful adventure waiting to happen for almost anyone with an internet connection. We at StarLink work hard to make your IRC experience enjoyable.  Respect for others is a prime consideration on StarLink. No sex or warez channels are permitted, however you will find a variety of international channels appealing to all ages and interests. A group of dedicated and friendly channel and IRC operators are available for help. 

We are glad you have found StarLink, and welcome you to our family. We encourage you to freely explore, interact with, and enjoy your stay. Please come back often and, when you do, we hope you bring a friend!

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Today is Thursday November 26 2020

July 15, 2020

Happy 24th Birthday, StarLink!!!

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